Battle of the Commutes: New York vs Los Angeles

I visited a friend in Los Angeles last month. I can see why people like SoCal – the weather, the beaches, the lack of sarcasm with which people say, “Have a nice day”. There’s a lot to love.

There is no way I could live in Los Angeles though, and that is due to one inescapable aspect of life there – driving.

My friend, also a native New Yorker, agreed that this was her issue with California life. She told me lots of stories from her daily commute, where she sits in traffic so stagnant that it sometimes takes her an hour to get 10 miles.

I’m impatient, so I hate traffic. I hate it so much that being in it makes me physically uncomfortable. I twitch and grind my teeth. I shout obscenities at random. I bash the steering wheel with my fists. Sometimes I even cry. Reading that back now, I realize that it must be terrifying to share a car with me.

As seen in my nightmares.

My trip made me think about the differences between east and west coast commuting. I have evaluated key concerns to determine who has it worst:

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6 Good Podcasts Other Than “Serial” To Listen To

Now that you’ve started to put your podcast app to good use after becoming obsessed with “Serial,” it’s time to explore some of the other good podcasts out there. Not being an aficionado like some others, all I can offer you are some solid basics with which to build your library.

1. “Slate’s Culture Gabfest”


This is probably my favorite podcast. The Slate writers focus on film and TV but will talk about anything else looming in the cultural sphere. Funny, smart, and just so good.

2. “Filmspotting”


Two guys intelligently discussing the latest movies without being at all pretentious.

3. “This American Life”



Totally obvious but amazingly some listen to “Serial” and not its parent podcast. “Life,” though is not the best podcast and is pretty hit or miss.

4. “The Moth Podcast”


The amazing storytelling organization brings its amazing stories weekly to your phone.

5. “NPR: Hourly News Summary”


This five-minute podcast is a great and easy way to pretend you know what’s going on in the world.

6. “New Yorker: Fiction”


What I enjoy more than hearing the New Yorker archive stories is why the authors who read them made their choice. The discussions that follow the readings are a nice burst of intellectual stimulation.

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True Love, MTV-Style

I have cable, despite being an adult with access to wifi. The box sits in the living room, costing us about $120/month to have access to hundreds of channels that still provide nothing to watch on TV.

At least this was the case, until I discovered all the amazing reality series I’ve been missing out on. “Tethered”? Yes. “Naked and Afraid?” Absolutely. “Married at First Sight”? Are you fucking kidding me?

Nothing compares to my ultimate guilty pleasure, delivered by the programming geniuses of MTV and currently the only reality show with a permanent spot on my DVR queue. “Are You The One?” combines the “analytics” behind online dating with the “practicality” of getting drunk before talking to the opposite sex. And dear god, I love it.

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Five Office Personalities We All Love to Hate

I used to think that I was made for this whole “corporate America” thing. I’m efficient, I’m a fast learner, and fluorescent lighting flatters my skin tone. I spent years working part-time and freelance, yearning for the day I’d have a 9-5 to call my own and terrified of being in a transitional state forever. Would I ever find a job that wasn’t temporary? Would I ever stop living paycheck to paycheck? Would I ever own business casual attire? It’s the dream, right?

Wrong. Turns out that having all those things – annual contract, direct deposit, slacks – is way less amazing than I thought it would be. And that is because Hell is other people.

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Job Opp: Manage this Guy’s Online Dating Profile

Ever feel like online dating is like having a second job? This guy does.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 10.52.03 PM

And good for you professional online daters: you can make $50 for every date you set him up on, using his online dating accounts. Luckily, his standards aren’t “super high – they have to look good, be somewhat ambitious and independent, and be kind / a good person (possibly like to volunteer). That’s pretty much it!” That’s it!

Read the full add below, and apply at your discretion…

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