Schadenfreezers: Ice Pops to Make You Feel :/

I love a dessert with a sense of humor.

New Schadenfreezers– strawberry, lemon, and blueberry flavored “joy derived from the suffering of others” accomplish just that (if you’re into a weird, dark humor that’s so oddly paralleled with a sweet frozen dessert)

The adorable popsicle-like treats have jokes printed on the sticks, just like from your neighborhood ice cream truck, only the jokes, well, really aren’t funny.  But their downtrodden sense of humor is hilarious!


Well, to me at least…


So far the popsicles only exist in GIF form, but let’s hope they become a reality soon.

Check out Schadenfreezer’s tumblr for more!



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The Lazy Motherfucker’s Guide to Cooking: Hangovers/An Ode To Animal Crackers

For a very long time, I was never subject to the horrors of hangovers.  In the past few months, whether because I’m now a haggard old fogey or my body is less accustomed to drinking, I’ve had quite a few rough days. While at first I was like, “How the fuck do I fix this?!”, I rapidly developed a plan to combat hangovers, probably because I’ve spent most of my life nauseous.

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Let’s Get Superficial: Night Cream

Night Cream! How much of an old lady can you become? Night Cream meant nothing to me for the first twenty-two years of my life. Those twenty-two years of radiant skin that required nothing- the daily dousing of water in the shower was enough to maintain perfection. Then I began to wear makeup. Then I began to wash the makeup off. Then I began to notice an uncomfortable tautness and dryness and overall dullness and sadness followed by greasiness the next morning. I had to accept it: the honeymoon period with my face was over.

Classic for a reason.

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Host a Cocktail Party for Your Seder

If you’re dreading your family Seder this upcoming Monday night, you may want to spice things up a bit with the Sipping Seder.


This super-niche super-cool blog has created recipes for cocktails inspired by a traditional Seder plate, and they all actually like delicious– think bitters, egg white, and fresh greens.

Each recipe comes with a short description of why the ingredient is meaningful in the celebration of Passover, so you can basically pair a cocktail shaker with your Haggadah and call it a night.  Plus, you still need those four cups of wine.

Mixology and Matzo never paired together so well!


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HBO’s Silicon Valley Falls Short

Hopefully we can avoid a season of Steve Jobs jokes

Hopefully it won’t be season of Steve Jobs jokes.

This past Sunday HBO debuted its new comedy Silicon Valley. The creation of Office Space mastermind Mike Judge, the series follows a group of floundering developers trying to strike it big out West. The premiere garnered mixed reviews, most interestingly from actual Silicon Valley members. Generally, though, the response has been positive. This would probably be true regardless of the show’s content because the subject matter is so ripe for picking. Tech culture is so pervasive that, once removed from the actual viewing of the show, it is easy for us to use our own experiences for a laugh. What I’m trying to get at is that there are many problems with Silicon Valley.

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